GOB March 29 Match Results

Roz Sumpter held another fine Field Target match at the Good Ole Boy's Club in Pulaski, TN on March 29, 2008.  The weather report was not looking good, but we were all hoping for the best.  However, the rain poured just before 10:00 AM.  Since we had a good turn out of 10 shooters, Roz suggested that we set up 10 lanes with two targets each around his pavilion.  That would allow us to stay under the pavilion and keep our equipment dry while shooting the match.  So, everyone pitched in and quickly set up 10 lanes of targets at various distances 3/4 of the way around the pavilion.  As it turned out, the course was pretty challenging.  The wind was gusting and constantly changing directions so the difficulty in the open field made things very interesting. 

Since it was raining today, I decided to leave my Whiscombe at home and give my newly acquired Air Arms EV2 a try.  I thought it would be a lot of fun shooting a 12 fpe rifle occasionally and this seemed to be a real good day to try it out.  I haven't had the rifle very long, so this was a great chance to test out my new rig. When we arrived, a few of us went ahead and took advantage of Roz's excellent sight in range.  I took a few shots first at 25 yards and later worked my way out to 55 yards.  The wind was already gusting and it took about four inches or so of hold off to make my shots at 50-55 yards.  I knew then that this would prove to be an interesting match.

Once all of the targets were placed, we paired up and commenced the match.  I shot with Roz today.  We had an excellent time shooting and talking.  I always enjoy being paired up with Roz, just as many of my other Field Target friends.  Roz was shooting his Theoben MFR today and was a tough competitor, as usual.  Since the targets were quickly placed, there were some interesting placements.  We ended up with several targets with what appeared to be 1/2" KZ's placed beyond 20 yards. In the strong winds, those were pretty tough.  Another that I remember to be very tricky was a squirrel with about a 1" KZ placed at 35 yards.  With the placement of the target, there was a constant heavy cross wind.  Typically, that would not be an unreasonable KZ size for 35 yards, but the wind made that particular shot noticeably more difficult.  Once we arrived at that particular lane, the target edge and one side was marred with missed shots. 

At today's match it was great to see several relatively new shooters returning for another try at Field Target.  David Brown gave us all a good run for our money with his Daystate Huntsman.  David ended the day with a score of 46 which was excellent given the weather conditions and this only being his 3rd or so match.  Charlie Hipshier also came to shoot with us again.  Charlie also turned in an excellent PCP score of 44 today.  I'm sure that we all enjoy seeing relatively new shooters taking part in these matches and improving with each one. 

As it turned out, I am very pleased with my EV2.  It performed well and I enjoyed shooting the 12 fpe rifle.  This messy weather day gave me a chance to try out a newly set up rig that I might not have brought out for a while longer.  Also, we all found that what could have been a disaster for Field Target turned out to be a great success.  Thanks to some extra targets, helping hands and a little determination to shoot, this old rainy day turned into a real nice time for a Field Target Match.  Once again, we thank our kind host, Roz Sumpter, for inviting us to his place for the match.  I've got a feeling that this won't be the last time that we shoot a Field Target match in the rain!

The next Good Ole Boys Match is scheduled for 04/12/2008.  See you there!

Harold Rushton

Match Results

Harold Rushton    54/60    Air Arms EV2
Roz Sumpter       50/60    Theoben MFR
Rick Thompson     48/60    Theoben Vanquish
David Slade       47/60    Theoben MFR
David Brown       46/60    Daystate Huntsman
Charlie Hipshier  44/60    Air Arms S400
John Blount       36/60    Chuntsman
Pat O'Brien       20/60    Air Arms S400

Cliff Smith       41/60    Air Arms TX200
Steve Vines       38/60    Air Arms TX200