Good Ole Boys Match Report


Roz Sumpter held another Good Ole Boys Field Target match at his place this weekend. As usual, we all started arriving for sight in between 8:30 and 9:00 AM. The weather turned out cloudy and hot. Also, as usual, we had a forecast of rain, but as it turned out, the rain held off until after the match.

Today's match was a bit different than usual. Roz had a surprise for us to help mix things up a bit. Today, he had a 20 shot Hunter Field Target course and a Standard 40 shot Field Target course set up. The plan for the day meant that we would first shoot the Hunter match and then the Standard Field Target match. Then we combined the scores for both matches to make up our final total for the day. Yes, this made things interesting!

We got the Hunter match underway at 10:00 AM. It was not an easy course. The targets were spread from about 12 yards all the way out to around 45-50 yards. Since some of us rarely shoot hunter class, it was pretty challenging to say the least. However, some of our Hunter guru's smoked right through the course. Charles Garvey ended the Hunter match with 17/20! However, Rod Bradley, Scott Thome and David Brown were right behind him each with 16/20. Great shooting guys!

We moved on to the regular match after an hour or so of Hunter shooting. The standard match included 10 lanes each with 2 targets per lane. We shot 2 shots per target to make up a 40 shot match. I shot with Scott Thome today and we had a great time. Scott shot Hunter Class with his modified Air Arms EV2. It is obvious that Scott has got this game worked out because he didn't miss very many targets. I really enjoyed marveling at the beautiful custom stock that Scott had custom made for his rifle. It looks like it is a perfect set up for his style of shooting.

As the match moved on, we had several shooters that ended up tied. It was obvious that the Hunter match at the beginning of the day brought the ending scores closer together. When we were all done, Roz Sumpter was the high shooter of the day. Roz shot a total score of 50/60! Great shooting Roz. Close behind him was Rod Bradley with a total score of 49/60. Our Hunter class high shooter of the day was Scott Thome with a 45/60. The high Piston Class shooter was Anden Houben with 30/60.

When we were all done, Cliff Smith fired up the grill and served us all a great burger. Thanks again Cliff, it was great! We all had a great time visiting after the match. Our next Good Ole Boys bi-monthly match will be held July 26, 2008. Make plans now to come on over and spend the day with us!

Take care,

Harold Rushton

PS: Sorry, no pictures this time... John Blount, our regular photographer, didn't make it to the match and I left my camera at home.

Name Score Rifle
Roz Sumpter 50/60 Theoben MFR
Rod Bradley 49/60 Walther Dominator
David Slade 44/60 Theoben MFR
Brad Troyer 39/60 NJR 100
Harold Rushton 39/60 Air Arms EV2
David Brown 39/60 FWB P70
Dottie Berry 29/60 Theoben MFR

Name Score Rifle
Scott Thome 45/60 Air Arms EV2
Charles Garvey 39/60 Daystate Air Wolf

Name Score Rifle
Anden Houben 30/60 Air Arms TX200
Cliff Smith 28/60 Air Arms TX200