Roz's Hollow Jan 26 Results

Yet another fine day shooting at Roz’s Hollow with the Good Ole Boys Airgun Club. A beautiful day with just the slightest snow over night and a pleasant cool breeze throughout the shoot. A bit smaller turnout than the other times we have gone to Pulaski for a shoot which was fine for those present as all had a very good time, but unfortunate for those who did not go and/or haven’t been to Roz’s World Class facility to enjoy his grand Southern hospitality as well as comradery with some of the nicest and some of the most knowledgeable air gunners (note: everyone is nice “some”-not me- are truly knowledgeable and happy to share) people could meet.

A newcomer, David who happens to live near by “finally” came to a match and it’s about time. While he may have had his entirely personal motivation for coming, “SteveV” and I had both leaned on him a bit as until last year neither of us had shot FT, however last March we took our .22 Squirrel rifles down to Roz’s, had great time and well, now we won't miss a shoot. I even purchased my first tiny-bore just for FT but any ‘ol squirrel airgun will do.

At the pavilion during site in, Rod thoughtfully allowed me to try his Whiscombe 70, WOW, other than that it left me speechless. Dave Slade was shooting (I believe) a Whiscombe 150. Everyone seemed to have a nice time sharing airguns some on the course some on the range both what was used for the match and extra airguns they brought along. Brad burned up an 80 yard target with an RWS48 .22, I tried his Gamo pistol, a Whiscombe, a Huntsman with an unsual match trigger others... .

Enough typing, however another note: I am the type that really should take notes but I don’t so if anyone wants to help correct anything (names models score....) Other than spelling/grammar please do.

The scores/rifles may have been:
Shooter Equipment Score
Roz Sumpter Theoben MFR 53
Rod Bradley Whiscombe 70 51
Brad Troyer AA100 12fpe Swift 8-32 50
Rick Thompson Theoben Vanquish w/some 10-50 scope 50
Dave Slade  Whiscombe 150 12fpe 29
John Blount  Bam50 Lothar Barrel 44mag  24
Steve Vines  MK1 TX200 18
David Brown Daystate Huntsman w/fixed 4 power 9