GOB Feb 16 Results

Today Roz Sumpter held an informal match at the Good Ole Boy's Club in Pulaski, TN. As usual, our host Roz Sumpter, was gracious enough to allow us to enjoy his wonderful property for the match. I always enjoy going to Roz's place to shoot. I know most of you have been there before and can relate with the beauty of the property. Today was partly sunny and about 55 degrees. That made for an excellent day of Field Target. The wind was calm with very little to disturb our longer shots.

Roz used the White course that was originally set up for the World Field Target match today. He has modified some of the targets to make it more interesting for some of us that have already shot the course. I found the course to be fun, but challenging. One half of the White course allows for the shooter to take shots down hill. To me, the sitting position for the down hill shots is very comfortable. David Brown and I started on lane 6 which allowed for us to shoot all of the down hill shots first. All was well as we worked our way across the first five lanes. I had a pretty good start and only dropped two shots on that half of the course. However, when we got to lane number one, the pressure was on! That is the portion of the course that is shot up hill. I just could not find a comfortable position shooting up hill. (I guess that should be a hint about what I need to work on...) So, I dropped several more shots before finishing the course. Roz did have some interesting targets that I enjoyed a lot. One in particular that comes to mind is a "Yosemite Sam" with two pistols, one at each side. The target was set up at about 18 yards with a KZ of about 1/2" in the middle of each pistol. When shot, each side of the taget drops. It was really cool and I look forward to seeing that target again.

As I shared earlier, I shot with David Brown today. David is new to Field Target and I really enjoyed shooting with him. He is doing well and this was the first full match that he has shot from start to finish. I think we've got him hooked, so lets all keep showing him neat toys that he can buy for the sport!

The turn out at the match was a little lighter than usual. I suppose some are still getting over Valentines Day and all of the love that they have shared with their significant other this week... At any rate, we all had a great time of shooting and fellowship. It was good to see all that were there and I am looking forward to doing it again next month.

For anyone interested, Roz is planning another informal match at his place on March 29, 2008. The sight in range will be open by 9:00 AM and the match will start about 11:00 AM. The weather in Tennessee should be great by then, so make you plans now to be there!

Take care,

Harold Rushton

Match Results

PCP ------------------------------ Score
David Slade ----------------------- 53
Roz Sumpter ---------------------- 52
Rick Thompson -------------------- 48
John Blount ----------------------- 26
David Brown ---------------------- 25
Pat O'Brien ----------------------- 17

Piston ---------------------------- Score
Harold Rushton --------------------- 46
Steve Vines ------------------------ 22