GOB Match Report -- April 26, 2008

The Good Ole Boys Club held a Field Target Match today at Roz Sumpters place in Pulaski, TN. It was a great day for shooting. The temperature was about 65 degrees when we started and the threat of rain diminished quickly. As it turned out, we had a very nice day to shoot with calm winds. There was a good turn out of shooters at today's match. We had a total of 18 shooters show up to knock over a bunch of targets.

We had a little sight in time and then we were on to shooting a practice match. Since the weather was forecast with a possibility of rain, Roz had set up seven lanes of targets around his pavilion. Since he didn't want the work to go to waist, we shot a quick practice round before heading out to the main course. It was a lot of fun and the time went by pretty fast.

Brad Troyer and I shot together today. We had a great time shooting and talking about airgun stuff. Brad had some difficulties with his rifle today and was having to work out problems as we shot the match. We were both shooting 12 fpe rifles and it was a lot of fun to see good results from those power levels.

Today was definitely Rick Thompson's day! Rick was on fire shooting his Theoben Vanquish. I knew that Rick was having a good day when I saw him about half through the match and he had a BIG smile on his face. At that point Rick had not dropped any shots and was still plowing through lane after lane like a freight train. It is also worth mentioning that Rick did not miss a shot during the 28 shot practice match. Awesome shooting Rick!!

We had a good number of relatively new shooters returning today. They all shot well and it was a lot of fun to talk with a bunch of them again. It is good to see the Good Ole Boys Club growing with new members. It is also great to see all of the enthusiasm that comes along with a bunch of new shooters and cool equipment.

When it was all done, Rick Thompson finished the day with a 57/60. He didn't take the top PCP score without a battle though. Roz came in a close second with a 56/60 and Rod Bradley was right there also with a 55/60. In the Piston Class Steve Vines shot 40/60 with Paul Oswalt close behind with 38/60. David Slade was our top Hunter Shooter with 46/60 shooting a 12 fpe Whiscombe Piston Rifle. As usual, we thank our kind host, Roz Sumpter for another great match. I am already looking forward to doing it again in a couple of weeks! See you there!

Take care,

Harold Rushton

Match Results

Rick Thompson 57/60 Theoben Vanquish
Roz Sumpter 56/60 Theoben MFR
Rod Bradley 55/60 Walther Dominator
Harold Rushton 54/60 Air Arms EV-2 (12 fpe)
Matthew Rushton 51/60 Daystate CR-X
Dottie Berry 46/60 Beeman Mako
Brad Troyer 44/60 Air Arms NJR100
David Brown 44/60 Daystate Air Wolf
John Blount 32/60 B-51
Charles Hipshier 26/60 Air Arms S-400
Doug 21/60 Feinwerkbau P-70

Steve Vines 40/60 Air Arms TX-200
Paul Oswalt 38/60 Weirauch HW77
Pat O'Brien 02/60 Beeman R9

David Slade 46/60 Whiscombe JW-50 (12 fpe)
Naomi 09/60 Whiscombe JW-50 (12 fpe)
Elisabeth Rushton 09/60 Air Arms S-300