GOB April 12 Results

Today Roz held another GOB local match at his place in Pulaski, Tn.  The weather was great!  It was sunny and about 60 degrees.  However, it was WINDY!!  Just for the heck of it, I called the local airport Automated Weather Observation Service just after we finished the match.  According to their report, the wind was 280 degrees at 19 knots, gusting to 24 knots.  That made for a really challenging Field Target Match. 

Everyone arrived at the range early this morning and we were all off to shoot around 10:00 AM.  The course was made up of 10 lanes, two targets per lane with three shots per target for a total of 60 shots.  As usual, Roz had some pretty interesting shots in store for us.  I noticed today that there were a few close targets with small KZ's, but a lot of long range shots between 50-55 yards.  That made the match that much more interesting with the heavy wind.

The competition was pretty heavy today with a bunch of good shooters.  We had eleven competitors at todays match.  Of those shooting, seven chose to shoot in the PCP class and four in the Piston class. 

Today I was paired up with David Brown.  David and I have shot together before and I always enjoy his company at a match.  David did well shooting a new rifle that he had just set up last week.  He was shooting a Daystate Airwolf, .177 cal with a Bushnell Elite 8-32 scope.  The scope was totally new to him and he was a little hesitant about using it.  However, after shooting a few lanes I could tell that he was warming up to the scope quite well.  He took down some tough targets in the heavy wind and seemed to have a good time as well. 

It was also great to see Rod Bradley at the match.  Due to his work schedule, Rod has a hard time making it to a lot of matches.  Today I also noticed that he was shooting his high power Walther Dominator.  As usual, he did very well.  Since he was just on night shift at work this week, it would seem that he did good to make it to the match, much less score so well.   

I always like to take note of a "different" target or two on the course.  Today I especially enjoyed a Bat target that was set up on a post.  It was positioned around 22 yards away, give or take a few.  The KZ on the target was about 5/8" and when hit the bat actually fell to the side.  It is a really cool target that works very well.  Those are the kind that keep up the interest during a long match.

When it was all done, several of the PCP shooters finished with relatively close scores.  We all had a great time of shooting and fellowship.  Thanks again to Roz for inviting us over to shoot and for the great course that was ready to go when we arrived.

The next GOB match will be held on April 26, 2008.  The range will open at 8:00 AM and the match starts about 10:00 AM.  We all hope to see you there!

Harold Rushton

Match Results

Harold Rushton  56/60  Air Arms EV-2 (12fpe)
David Slade     55/60  Theoben MFR
Rick Thompson   54/60  Theoben Vanquish
Rod Bradley     54/60  Walther Dominator
Brad Troyer     44/60  Air Arms 100 (12fpe)
David Brown     43/60  Daystate Airwolf
Dottie Berry    26/60  Beeman Mako

Roz Sumpter     44/60   Air Arms TX200SR
Steve Vines     24/60   Air Arms TX200
Anden Houben    19/60   Air Arms TX200
Pat O'Brien      2/60   R-9