Falls Township Rifle & Pistol Association

Field Target Match August 31st 2008.

Once again FTR&PA put on a great match, with 23 guns shot in 3 Classes. PCP (11 shooters), Standing (8 shooters) and Pistol (4 shooters). This time the course moved further out into the range with 4 new lanes, 3 were out in the field providing distance targets with small kill zones and “the wind”. A very good test of equipment and shooters. Conditions could not have been better, warm with a mild breeze lifting to a blow in the field. some of the 12ft guns had to hold off the animal.

As always at our matches people seem to arrive early and spend a good deal of time winding down from the drive by chatting with friends not seen for a couple of months. Lots of interest in new equipment, Ray and Hans had their Crossman Discoveries out and we all had a go at shooting them, I shot Ray's off hand at a silhouette pig, 36yds, and was very impressed. I was also impressed with the pistol guys hitting the swingers on the sight-in range.

Thanks to FTR&PA for use of the range, the Archers for the food. and everyone who helped setup and break down. November 30th will be our final match in 2008 please come and join us at the best keep secret in FT.


Pistol (2 points for a kill zone hit and 1 point for a face hit):
3rd place. Larry Bowne. 45. broke the tie with Steve Harper who was shooting open sights! IZH46M
2nd Place. First time shooter Mike McCahan. 55. IZH46M
1st Place Joe Gunti 62. FWB

3rd place Joe Napolillo. 27. AA 410. broke the tie with Jim Wilcox.
2nd place Dave Carpenter. 30. Daystate MK3.
1st Place Rich Bassett. 38. (springer). AA prosport.

3rd place Hans Apellas. 49. Crossman Discovery
2nd place Al Otter. 56. USFT
1st place Ray Apellas. 56. Crossman Discovery. broke the tie. with Al.