DIFTA September 20 Match Results

I was looking at the April 19 match report and was struck by our having almost identical weather for this match -- "we had a splendid day for shooting with temperatures rising from the low 60s to the low 80s." We did still have some leaves on the trees (just starting to turn into our beautiful fall foliage colors) but almost no wind. 

Eleven shooters were present for the match which consisted of 60 shots with 6 forced offhand. The difficulty was about 25T.

One highlight of the presentation ceremonies after the match was a pillow done by Joy Canoles to celebrate Joe McDaniel's shooting only the second perfect score in memory at DIFTA. JC Brown is rumored to have duplicated the feat a few years ago (but got no pillow).  Henry Canoles shot an incredible 53 in Hunter class which was only 3 points below that of the top PCP shooter and tied for second-highest score in the match; he was also 13 points better than the next-best Hunter score.

Keng-Hao Liu, Tinh Nguyen, and Rex Gori shooting "Smallville" -- our 12th lane consisting of all small KZs.


Open Class

Name Score
Joe McDaniel 56
Tinh Nguyen 53
Al Otter 52
Chuck Jordan 50

Piston Class

Name Score
Rex Gori 48
Keng-Hao Liu 33

Hunter Class

Name Score
Henry Canoles 53
Ed Canoles 40
Phil Dean 37
Singson Tiu 19

Offhand Class

Name Score
Dale Benson 19