DIFTA June 21 Match Results

We had been hoping for the Soccer Dads to be free to shoot FT, but either there were still some family demands or the cost of gasoline was keeping people away. Last year, we had about 10 more shooters for the June match!

The weather was perfect (a bit of wind would have helped but whistle as I might -- nada).

The 60-shot course difficulty was about 32T although one lane got left out of the target picking for some reason and a quick selection of what looked "interesting" resulted in a 3/8" at 20 yards plus a 1/2" at about 30 yards so the difficulty was perhaps a bit higher. For some reason, a 3/8" at 12 yards on lane 12 was far more difficult -- it was one of our new Dick Otten targets and his face plates are much thicker than for most of our targets. I speculate that the greater thickness makes it far easier to have a "split" with the pellet brushing the side of the hole.

Singson Tiu, shooting Hunter, deserves special mention. He was shooting a Sharp Ace with a 3-9X scope. He was nicknamed Popeye by the end of the day what with the number of pumps needed to make 60 shots (plus sight-in).  Even with these limitations, he shot an excellent 35 for 3rd place.

Stuart Carroll was a new shooter and did excellently with a 25!


Open Class

Name Score
Joe McDaniel 56
Al Otter 50
Tinh Nguyen 49
Chuck Jordan 41

Piston Class

Name Score
Rex Gori 49
Karl Krchma 39

Hunter Class

Name Score
Henry Canoles 50
Ed Canoles 44
Singson Tiu 35
Phil Dean 31
Stuart Carroll 25