Diablo FT Match Report

June 16 2008

I got up today and looked outside, saw lots of clouds, cool weather and no wind. Figured wow, its not gonna be hot at all or windy as predicted at the match based on what Weather.com had to say last night. Loaded up my gear and headed up to the range only to find clear skies and wind!!!

At that point, I knew all bets were off and it was going to be an interesting day: Some new faces, shooting wise and people wise. Today’s course had some interesting twists added to make it a bit more challenging.

Greg Tobler introduced a forced position kneeling shot through a barrel about 4’ in the air and Kevin Yee decided to bring a cordless driver to the range to change things around a bit with Field Targets bolted on top of some of the Action Pistol Shooters walls/barricade. Someone also decided to change our farthest Off Hand Field Targets to a much smaller killzone than in the past, LOL. There was also a target set up at the end of a long section of pipe with a cover over it which kept it, let alone the killzone lightly visible! Talking about feeling like ya just got in a game with the deck being stacked against you.

Facing this course were some new faces and some of the old faces with new guns/equipment. We were pleasantly surprised to meet some new shooters, Mullie and Ryley Ghani, Father and Son, that were interested in checking out airgunning and FT. I didn’t get Ryley’s age but he looked to be around 12 or so and excited to shoot.

Caesar Gorospe just bought a new TX200MKIII(.177) with Walnut Stock that was beautiful, talking about a nice chunk of firewood!!! Seriously one of the best factory walnut stocks I’ve seen and he didn’t even ask for a hand picked stock, LOL, it was the only one the dealer had, what luck!!! After his TX arrives, he mounted the scope and had it sighted in at 10 yds prior to the match. During the sight in, he was busy trying to sight it in at 20yds and get a feel for its trajectory and hold sensitivity. I must admit, I was thinking, this guy is like our other club member Lonnie Smith(who drove to LD’s Temecula Shoot with a new gun, scope that was roughly sighted in!) either brave as can be or just loves to shoot to and learn, to show up at a match with a brand spanking new gun that ya haven’t really even shot!.

Lonnie showed up with his S400ERB(.177) newly restocked and scope remounted to give it a whirl. His laminated stock was absolutely gorgeous with colors that “popped” and caught your attention.

After a brief stint away from FT, it was good to see Bill Houghuis and Mike Murphy returning to FT with their Steyrs to have some fun slinging lead downrange as well as Marty Martinez .

Rounding out the rest of the field were the usual suspects of Greg Tobler, Kevin Yee, John Lindsay, Eric Ko, Pat Jacobs, John Murden and myself.

I started off in lane 2, paired up with Erik Ko and Caesar Gorospe. I swear, it seemed like they were trying to ice me down with starting me on lane 2 which is typically the “long shots” for our course and despite the advantages of shooting the long shots early where there is less wind, I have this mental block due to the range, LOL. Sure enough, 1st shot, perfect sight picture, steady as a rock, crosshair dead center in a barn yard door wide killzone, crisp trigger release and “clang” the pellets is rejected by the face plate with authority!!! Not exactly a confidence booster but I always figure that its just like college football, if you’re gonna fail, do it early and recover. My mantra at that point was “it was a bad pellet, check them before you load from now on!!!”

Needless to say I did check every pellet loaded after that shot. Caesar and Eric were amazing me with their springers as Caesar had the new gun, scope, just sighted in and Eric was shooting with a lower powered scope on his RWS34 which he shoots Air Rifle Silhouette with! Seeing them knock down targets with the smallest killzones makes me respect their shooting skills as I’m shooting them at 50x with a big heavy pcp as I kept telling them, I need the high mag, I can’t shoot what I can’t see with low power scopes, I might as well be throwing darts in the dark, and here they were hitting ½” killzones!

When we got to the new forced kneeling shot, boy was that fun, NOT!!! LOL, I made the mistake of trying to shooting it first time at 50x and pulled the shot to the side while wobbling across the killzone and snatching the trigger! My second shot at 30x hit the mark comfortably though. This target was a challenge for all of us and Marty M. cleared this target easily.

Elsewhere on the course some amazing shooting was at hand, a young marksman in the making. Ryley was shooting Kevin Yee’s BSA Super Star with the aid of a rest and some coaching by Kevin on the holdover. Young Ryley scored 22 points today and impressively dropped a Crow Target at about 25yards with a ½” killzone twice. The same target left Kevin dropping it once! Its always impressive when ya hand someone, especially a kid, your airgun, give them some tips and they outshoot ya with it!!! We’ll be watching Ryley’s development as a shooter, looks promising!!! We’re hoping to see him and his father at the next Fun Shoot at the end of the month. The other piece of amazing shooting was Kevin Yee shooting a 43 with his Jan Kraner Blueprinted TX200MKII(.177)!!! Amazing shooting with a springer, I think he's going to be defending his state title this year!!!

The match was filled with a lot of good, fun shooting and afterwards there was more shooting, reflection and talking about airguns, observations, etc. A lot of us left today learning more about their rigs, shooting styles and what they want or need to change to be better shooters.

Here’s a few photos from today’s event:

Kevin Yee providing instruction to Mullie and Ryley:

Kevin Yee providing instruction to Mullie and Ryley

Lonnie Smith helping Caesar Gorospe with his new TX200MKIII:

Lonnie Smith helping Caesar Gorospe with his new TX200MKIII:

Greg Tobler taking aim with his Walther LG300 Dominator FT Rifle:

Greg Tobler taking aim with his Walther LG300 Dominator FT Rifle:

The match results are as follows:
PCP Score out of 48 Rifle
John Lindsay 35 ERB
Marty Martinez 27 ERB
Lonnie Smith 34 S400
Mike Murphy 11 LG110
Tony Inocentes 43 Vanquish
Bill Hooghuis 35 Lg100
Greg Tobler 33 Dominator

Eric Ko 25 RWS 34
Caesar Gorospe 15 Tx200
Pat Jacobs 39 HW97
John Murden 22 HW97
Kevin Yee 43 Tx200
Mullie Ghani 6 Superstar
Ryley Ghani 22 Superstar