This is the 2nd match for the newly organized Diablo FT Association in Concord, CA. A full course was laid out with some new, to me at least, targets with challenging kill zones and a lot of wind to add to the fun!

More shooters showed up today, some of the usual suspects and some new shooters as well. We even had one shooter that represented both, John M. that used to shoot FT with the original group that founded FT in Northern California which included Greg Tobler, Mike Megown and David Slade.

Through the conduit of the internet, John M. met Doug Owen and myself on the Straight Shooter’s Forum and we invited him to meet us at our normal Wednesday shooting and lunch sessions. This led to a lot of lead going down range, some great conversation over lunches and his return to shooting FT!

In addition, Casear G. drove down to check out FT after gaining visibility to the sport/club/members via the Airgun Forum!

The wind was the other big newcomer at the match that was not present at the first FT Match and it introduced itself to EVERYONE! This was my 4th or 5th FT match and everyone had talked about how the wind kicks up at Diablo but I hadn’t experienced it in prior matches…What a wake up call when the match started and the calm morning air turned turbulent !!!

All I could think is GREAT, its windy, this is the second FT match with the Vanquish and I’m sore and fatigued(My wife mandated that we go to the gym Saturday to start hitting the iron again! :-0)…

Luckily I shot decently initially, starting on the shorter lanes with Greg T., then we hit the standing lanes, my nemesis lol, I decided to try using a single point leather sling with Arm Cuff that I bought from Champion’s Choice to see if it would help and on the first 2 shots it did, dropped them fine and could feel the support but with all the lactic acid in my arms and shoulders, combined with the wind, when I had to shoot the 2nd target, I was fatiguing and wobbling almost as fast as I could raise the rifle up and see the target, so 2 misses!!!

Back on the ground, Greg and me were having fun, the long course with new targets and positions for them was treat to say the least…we ended up finishing the day on the longest lanes which was not fun with the wind, lol, keeping the rifles steady was a task…In pcp class, we had a surpise visit/competitor, Kevin Yee, the 2007 California State FT Champ in Springer Class decided to shoot his Walther Dominator that much like my Vanquish has gone through a journey to shoot like it is now…so what do you think happens when a top notch springer shooter shoots pcp class with a tack driver?!?! Kevin was IN THE ZONE to say the least…he was on fire through the course…only missed 3 shots despite the wind!!! He really missed 2 more shots but we had to count them because he alleges Doug B. aka Leadslug Doug intervened…all that us bystanders saw was that the target dropped and bounced right back up to reset so in our opinion the shots didn’t count…we didn’t see Doug pulling on the reset cord!!! J

Kevin’s Dominator came together mechanically with fine tuning from a Vortek Accuracy Tamer that I loaned him, I think I better refine the conditions of him borrowing it to him having to compete in Piston Class to keep it, lol…Impressive shooting to say the least, he’s going to do well at LD’s Temecula Shoot that’s coming up and will be a force to reckon with if he goes on to defend his state championship in Piston Class.

Speaking of Doug B., man talking about showing up with your game “on”, he was giving Pat J. a run for his money. They ran a tight race battling it out in piston class…There was a battle at hand as well between Eric K. and Paul B. who ended up with a tie in piston class. John M. was going through the fun and frustration of getting back in the saddle again shooting FT and becoming reacquainted with the sport and equipment…Fred M. was having a good time despite having to deal with the wind as everyone else did.Caesar B. was the newest shooter in pcp class using one of the club guns, a Logun Solo and he had a good time shooting and we look forward to his return.

Looking forward to seeing all these guys and more next month at the next match and Fun Shoot if not before then!

Final Results for the match:

Caesar G. 19
Kevin Y. 45
Tony I. 41
Fred M. 4
Eric K. 23
John M. 11
Doug B. 34
Pat J. 36
Paul B. 23

Kevin Y. warming up with his Dominator:

Eric C., a silhouette competitor showing his off hand technique with an RWS Panther(.22):

John M. with his minty HW97 with factory Tyrolean Stock:

Fred M. taking aim with his RWS:

Paul B. locking into the killzone with his HW97K: