2008 Cajun Spring Classic

Cajun Nationals Group Picture

Match Report

Well it is all water under the bridge now, and thanks to several folks that attended the match with their digital cameras, the photos of the scoreboards on the forums have told the world what the final scores were.  There are so many people to thank for the hard work that went into getting this show on the road; I couldn’t have done it without you all.  Mostly I want to thank all those that traveled to come and shoot with us.  You are what make this match special and such a pleasure to put on each year.  It is hard to believe that this was our 19th Cajun Spring Classic in the 20 years that the Bayou Airgun Club has been around, and we plan to hold the 20th CSC next spring.  I hope everyone had a good time, as this is what it is all about. 

The courses were laid out on our two ranges, Belle Terre in the woods to the right of the sight in range and Lagniappe behind the sight in range.  The courses were designed using the Field Target Builder program that is a major help with this task, thanks to David Day who emailed it to me a couple of years ago.  The designed difficulty of the two courses was in the 33Troyer range, but out on the course it looked harder.   We only had one perfect score shot by Guy Omictin on Sunday, but we had a few 49/50s shot, two by Doug Miller for the PCP Class win, great shooting guys. 

The conditions for the two days was mostly overcast and cool thanks to a pretty strong front that pushed through Friday night to yield two really beautiful mornings to shoot on Saturday and Sunday.  The overcast conditions made the courses darker than if the sky would have been clear, but I don’t believe that it added much to the difficulty level of the course.

This year, we added a couple of side shoots on Saturday afternoon to keep folks entertained and have more fun.  First was the first annual “Throwing Down the Gauntlet” Texas vs. Louisiana 4 man team man on man Daisy Red Ryder BB gun Shoot.  It went down to the wire with each team winning 8 matches and the match decided in a sudden death shoot-off between Eric Branch of Texas and Warren Landry from Louisiana.  Eric Branch, the BB gun champion from this years ROT match was not going to be denied and won the shoot-off with an amazing show with his mastery of the Red Ryder.  If you get a chance, Ray Apelles posted a link to some pictures and a video of Eric shooting the Daisy at the balloons.  Thanks Ray.

The second side shoot on Saturday afternoon was a pistol field target match.  We had 14 shooters compete in this 42 shot match and it ended with a tie for first place that was decided by a shoot-off between Warren Landry and Tony Lightfoot using Warren’s new LD.  Warren won the shoot-off by dropping a target with a ¾” kill-zone at 25 yards on his second shot.  Tony missed on his second attempt and the match was over.  The top 5 places were:  1st – Warren Landry 39/42, 2nd – Tony Lightfoot 39, 3rd – Bubbie Smith 38, 4th – Ron Robinson 37, 5th – Rosie Smith 33.  This was a fun match to shoot and I think those that did mostly had a blast. 

The complete spreadsheet containing all the information on the match competitors is being compiled separately and will be made available to AAFTA for posting on the AAFTA website.  The award winners were as follows.


1st Doug Miller 98/100
2nd Guy Omictin 97
3rd David Slade 96
4th Phillip Reedy 95 ½
5th Chad Reno 94 ½


1st Matt Tibbetts 81 ½/100
2nd Harold Rushton 79 ½
3rd Leo Duran 64 ½


1st Joe DuBoulay 95 ½/100
2nd Will Thibaut 84 ½


1st Ray Apelles 74/100


(Complete FT Match Report here)

1st Warren Landry 39/42

Other Awards

HIGH JUNIOR Walker Landry 87
HIGH LADY Rosie Smith 83*
HIGH SENIOR Bob Zimmerman 89

* Shoot-off

1st PLACE TEAM      (SEC)  - 361 ½

Greg Blair, Warren Landry, Guy Omictin and Harold Rushton

Congratulations to all the winners.  I hope to see everyone here again next year.

Joe DuBoulay

Bayou Airgun Club