CASA September 19 Match Report

Written by Rick Rogers,

The September match at Prado was pretty nice, cool, overcast most of the day, with very slight breezes. We were pleased to see two familiar faces from Beeman, Bill Nada and Andrew Kunihiro. Scores were interesting; we had several 50 to 55 yd shots, several 12 to 20 yd shots and the normal spread in between with some pretty small Kill zones out to about 30 or 40yds. The close, off hand target was a smaller than usual kill zone again. Erwin had a new fancy knee riser that he was trying out (he must have way to much time on his hands) I donít know how it worked but his score jumped again, unfortunately this time it went the wrong direction. Ron and Andrew were the only precharge shooters, Ron shot half the match with JSBís, ran out ? switched to FTSís, missed everything he shot at for awhile and then switched back ???. Bill Nadaís 29 was very respectable for not having shot FT in a year, and Johnís 9 was also very respectable considering he shot the whole course off-hand. Allen got off to a bad start when we had a few target malfunctions that broke his concentration/rhythm and he never recovered.

To clarify the asterisks in the spring category, Steve and I each had 32pts, so Ron picked a lane for the shoot off (so there wouldnít be any issues about anyone picking their favorite lane etc.) and as you can imagine the good natured badgering began.

With me starting off, Steve began the typical harassment with, "Donít choke up now Ricky." followed by his usual expletivesí (*^&(*%&%$^. I missed the first long shot and nailed the next three, Steve started to shoot and missed his first long shot, and I couldnít resist giving him some of his own medicine. When he missed his second long shot he was ready to quit but as a group no one was having any part of that: so we made him finish the position, and he missed the last two close shots amidst a roar of cheers/jeers. As usual we had a great day??

Open Class

Shooter Score Rifle Scope Pellet
Ron Jobbs 33/44 Falcon FN19 Burris ?x??X JSB/FTS
Andrew Kunihiro 17/44 HW-100 Swift 6.5x20X Kodiak Match

Spring Class

Shooter Score Rifle Scope Pellet
Rick Rogers* 32/44 HW-97 Bushnell 8x34X FTS
Steve Moore* 32/44 R-11 Elite 6x24X FTS
Bill Nada 29/44 Marksman 60 Bushnell 6x24X Kodiak Match
Allen Pollrich 25/44 HW-97 Bushnell 8x32X CPL
Erwin Bragg 12/44 TX-200 Elite 8x32X Exact
John Pocsice 9/44 Crow Magnum Bushnell 6x18X Kodiak

* Results after shoot-off