2008 CA State FT Match

5:30 a.m. Saturday morning, Kevin Y., Lonnie S., Doug B. and myself loaded up in a minivan with our gear to start our trek down to Southern California to meet up with one of our club members, John L. that was already down there to get sighted in for the match that was scheduled Sunday. We were bringing along a very special piece of cargo that was covered in bubble wrap...the 1st place Trophy for Piston Class which Kevin earned the right to place it atop his fireplace mantle in 2007.

The drive down was entertaining and went quick with all of us airgun enthusiasts in the van. On the way down we talked lots about airguns and FT in general, joking around about whether it would make the trip back up to Kevin's mantle and whether or not he was even gonna shoot piston class at this match due to a shoulder injury he's dealing with. As such he brought his Walther Dominator along in the event he was gonna be forced to shoot pcp class.

This was gonna be my first time shooting at the Angeles Range, let alone a state match so I was excited to see and experience it let alone see all the good folks associated with CASA.

When we arrived at the range, it was quite evident that the fires that had ravished Southern California didn't spare the Angeles Shooting Range Property. Ashes and burnt timber/foliage everywhere with some of the PVC Lane Markers melted down or reshaped from the fire/heat.

Upon our arrival, it was good to see LD and Dave Frederick already there, hanging out with Gary and his wife. After a bit of chatting, we got to setting up targets to check our numbers and sling some lead down range. After shooting a bit, everyone was feeling pretty good about their rigs and the numbers that they were gonna count on for Sunday's match.

CASA had a scheduled IFPP match on Saturday afternoon so LD & Dave asked us if we wanted to join in on the fun. Since we drove down to shoot airguns, we were down for IFPP which is essentially shooting benchrest targets at 30 yards. 25 shots in 20 minutes, shot from a seated FT Position., couldn't be that hard right since we're warmed up, 1/2" killzones inside a 1" circle at 30 yards should be easy peasy right?!?!

Well I tell you, it AINT EASY, lol...it was much more difficult than what I was predicting...LD got the highest score which was significantly better than anyone else's...as I joked about it afterwards, is this some kind of Jedi Mind trick you're trying to play on us before the big match, lol, trying to diminish our confidence and all?!?! happy.gif

Hanging out and talking airguns with everyone afterwards until it got dark was great. Then we went out with Vince Pacheco to grab some food at a local Mexican restaurant and relax as we were all a bit tired from the drive and the day. I tell you, when we got our table outside and the waiter placed the salsa, chips and Corona with a lime in front of me, life was VERY GOOD! That first Corona was like a taste of heaven at that point of our day and the carnitas that followed made me one happy camper that would of gladly stayed there all night if they'd stay open, lol, with great Mexican food, good weather, plenty of beverages, who needs a hotel room?!?! An outdoor patio is just fine in my book!!! happy.gif

Sunday morning, it was good to see familiar faces from my trip to LD's Temecula Challenge this past February and meeting new ones. After exchanging pleasantries, grabbed gear to double check numbers and get warmed up. Here's a pic of the sight in range:

[linked image]

After the shooter's meeting, I was paired up with Vince Pacheco, a really cool guy, a great shooter and one heck of an ambassador for the CASA group, one of them all around good guys in the sport. Here's a pic of Vince with his International Class Wonder Gun, a very very special USFT that Larry Durham truly perfected with extra work:

[linked image]

Vince's rig had this really neat chart that serves as a quick reference to POI shifts due to wind conditions that he uses in conjunction with his windicator on his gun and/or conditions that he sees down range:

[linked image]

The course was a big change of venue compared to what I am used to, lots of long shots, small killzones and high/low angle shots. Here is a pic of one of the high angle shots into a gully where wind presented a challenge:

[linked image]

There was one 50 yard or so target that was placed so that you had to shoot over a log. This presented quite a challenge for the more vertically challenged shooters such as myself, lol...after Vince shot it and adviced me that this might be a problem and that I could put his bum bag under mine cuz he thought I wouldn't be able to see the kz, I said, lemme try something first...put the knee riser at full extension and moved my cushion back so that the highest point of it and my tailbone were planted atop the 2 x 4's that make up the edge of the shooting box, I could just see a sliver of a orange arch representing the top of the paddle, I clicked, and held on that apex of the arch and caught the rim of the kz, oh well, aimed a hair lower on shot #2 and it dropped! happy.gif Just glad to not get skunked as it had a generous kz on it.

Vince was shooting great with his sub 12fpe USFT and I've stated it before and I'm gonna state it again, his gun shoots so darn good that during the match, with both of us shooting JSBH's, he was holding off the same as me with my full powered USFT!!! His gun defies the wind at 12fpe! happy.gif

I was having issues shooting today, contrary to past history and precedence, the small kzs at short range were giving me great headache but the far shots weren't so bad!!! Seems like I can never win on both counts, lol!!!

Here's some pics of other shooters during the match...

John Lindsey from Diablo Field Target:

[linked image]

Justin Dittman aka HornetB from CASA:

[linked image]

Joe Haddad aka FTJoe:

[linked image]

Gary's wife, unfortunately I can't remember her name, sorry:

[linked image]

Dave Frederick in the foreground with Larry Durham in the background with their USFTs in action:

[linked image]

At the end of the day, the PCP scores were:
Shooter Score Place
Doug Miller 52 1st
Larry Durham 51 2nd
Tim McMurray 49 3rd
Justin Dittman 49 4th
Vipha Miller 49 5th
Joe Haddad 44  
Vince Pacheco 41  
Dave Frederick 41  
Gene Adamos 40  
Roger Lovett 40  
Anthony Inocentes 40  
Lonnie Smith 38  
Scott Winslow 38
John Lindsey 34  
Gary Grewer 24  

Shooter Score Place
Kevin Yee 43 1st
Ron Jobbes 26 2nd
Robert Aiton 26 3rd
Steve Moore 23  
Doug Burke 22  
Erwin Brag 12  


Kevin Yee:

[linked image]

Larry Durham and Doug Miller:

[linked image]

Tim McMurray:

[linked image]

The shooting at hand today was pretty amazing. In Springer Class, Kevin Yee, for once it seems actually shot a match with a gun and scope that didn't fail or was compromised in some way from the git go, lol...

In PCP Class, Larry Durham earned a second place using just holdover against Doug Miller who is a shooting machine that clicks. I get the feeling that LD's been practicing, brought his "A" game then sensed blood in the water when Doug dropped an offhander and kicked things up a notch or two!!! happy.gif Tim, the Big Mac at MAC1 shot exceptionally as well with his Simple Simon #7 earning 3rd place after a shootoff with Vipha Miller(shooting phenom that is married to Doug Miller another shooting phenom/machine!) and Justin Dittman, another excellent FT shooter and competitive Silhouette Shooter from Australia!

Afterwards, Dave Frederick had a bbq with the fixins for everyone to eat, relax and talk! It was an awesome experience and I look forward to heading back down there in December for their Christmas Shoot and party! Thanks again to CASA for hosting a great shoot~! happy.gif