Baldwinsville FT Match

July 20 2008

Another year has gone by and another very fun to shoot match has taken place. This year, I supplied a portion of the targets to bring the total shots up to 40. Two return shooters, along with a new one, David L., helped to re-arrange the course of fire and to add in the new targets. The weather for the morning was completely overcast but as the field was near finished, the sun started to make its appearance. At 10:45 AM, the match was declared open to all, and the first shooters registered for the festivities. r /> Although Larry (and others) tried a few times to drum up shooters from the show, plinking range, and the other matches, only six of us took up the challenge laid out. The targets were not overly difficult, as the main focus of the match is for the junior shooters, not for us serious types. Maybe next time we could try putting a couple of extra targets on the plinking lanes to entice more shooters to try it out. There were a few very easy targets and a couple that tested your mettle, but most were moderate in nature. The awards for the junior shooters were very nice, and in past years, they have really enjoyed the matches that have been set up.

One new shooter to FT gave the match a try with his custom R-9 Carbine, and I am sure that Dan D. will be out to try FT again when the opportunity presents itself. A very unique carry cart was used by Bill C., which doubled as his seat for Hunter Class in AAFTA. Two shooters, Len J. and Steve H., shared a rifle with Len proving how well Steve had set his rifle up. George F. assisted me in taking care of the match while I was out shooting the match. By the time Len and I got around to shooting the match, the clouds started to really move in and 5 lanes into the match, the thunder-boomers were being heard. Both of us kept a weather-eye out, and lo and behold, the huge thunderhead passed to the south of the Legion, leaving only a few raindrops here and there. Len told us that the only way he would have stopped, was if Steve wanted to pull the rifle in out of the rain. He was on a roll.

In order of finish.


Don I._______Steyr LG 100 FT__PCP_______40
Len J._______HW 100 T_______Hunter_____34
George F.____Daystate CRX____PCP_______28
Steve H._____HW 100 T_______Hunter_____21
Dan D.______Beeman R-9______Piston_____16
Bill C.______Air Force Talon SS_PCP______13

On behalf of the shooters, I would like to wish the Legion Post 113 Junior shooters a successful year, and that all their shots be Xs. See you next year.