Bayou Airgun Club July 19, 2008

Field Target Match Report

Ten shooters made it out to brave the heat for last Saturdays mid-month field target match. The morning started out very nice and got steadily warmer as the day progressed, but the sky remained clear of any thunderstorms through the match.

We had five shooters competing in the PCP class, three in the offhand class, Jack shooting Hunter and Tony with the only spring piston gun. Bubbie cleaned the course, again. Way to go Bubbie, you are really getting into form for a potential trip to Kentucky to shoot in the Nationals this year. Warren finished right behind with a 35/36 missing a shot on the last lane to avoid a shootoff with Bubbie. It was the gentlemanly thing to do. Rosie, Bennie and Greg rounded out the PCP class field right behind with scores of 33, 32, and 31 respectively.

Joe won the offhand class edging Ken by 3 points with a 39/54 (3 shots per target)and Jerry finished third with a 33/54. We are still trying to figure out the offhand class. I believe that we may go to two shots per lane next match to move things along faster.

Jack and Tony both shot 27/36. Jack shooting the lawn chair hunter class and tony shooting his TX.

Our next match will be held Saturday, August 2nd and promises to be another hot one. Thank you to all that came to shoot and helped with the setup and cleanup.

The stats of the match were as follows:

Bubbie Smith    AZ Steyr/Leupold comp 36/36
Warren Landry    Daystate Mk3 FT-R/Bushy 8-32    JSBH 35
Rosie Smith    Pink USFT/S&B 50x    JSBH 33
Benny Lopoo    AZ Steyr/Nikko/ 32
Greg Blair    AZ Steyr/Nikko    JSBH 31

HUNTER (lawn chair)
Jack Kirkendoll    Daystate HarrierX/Bushy 15x    JSBL 27

Tony Lightfoot    TX200/Bushy 32x    JSBL 27

Joe DuBoulay     AA Pro-sport/Bushy 24x    JSBL 39/54
Ken Green    Daystate Airwolf/Bushy 24x    JSBL 36
Jerry Tureau    AA Pro-sport/Bushy 24x    JSBL 33