Airgunning Atlanta Match Report

September 21 2008
Today was our monthly match at Airgunning Atlanta and it couldn't have been a nicer day for it. The temperature was in the high 60's to low 70's for most of the day with some overcast skies that kept us from burning up from the hot sun. Only 3 shooters came today, it was probably due to the nationals last weekend. David, Ken, and myself had a good time despite the low turn out. It gave us some extra time to dial in and fiddle with our guns before we got started. We also had a fellow show up who was interested in airgun benchrest and wanted to see what types of airguns we use.

We shot 56 shots today, 44 sitting, 6 standing, and 6 six kneeling shots made up the course. The course was about an average difficulty factor, not sure what it was but I would guess around 30-35 Troyer. Since we only had 3 shooters in 3 separate classes we all walked away winners today. David shot Hunter class with a beautiful 12ftlb Air Arms 400 classic. Ken shot international with an Air Arms NJR-100 short action in a super nice figured stock I hadn't yet seen before. And finally I shot my Daystate CRX in unlimited PCP. As usual we finished off a relaxing day with lunch at our local golf course. Sorry no pictures this time I was too lazy to bring it, LOL.

Scores and equipment:

49 Jon Oswald Daystate CRX Leupold Comp 35X JSB 10.2


46 Ken Hughes Air Arms NJR-100 Weaver T-36 JSB 8.4?


37 David Kirby Air Arms S400 Simmons Whitetail Classic JSB 8.4

Had a great time guys, hope to do it again next month. Match schedules, match reports, and a lot of other great info can be found on our website,