Atlanta November 16 Match Report

Well, we had our first cold weather match at Airgunning Atlanta. It was about 39
degrees Fahrenheit with 10-15 mile per hour winds when we left for the range this
morning. Doug Vinson and I (Michael Robins) arrived at the range to find David Kirby
and newcomer Ron Doyle already at the range. Our fearless leader Ken Hughes arrived
a little later. By the way, thanks for making me write this. lol... We were
wondering if Scott Thome would make it when he did show up just in time.

We now had a dominating Hunter division with 4 shooters and 2 shooters in the PCP
division. Hunter division rules !!! We set up for some practice and sighting in. The
wind was kicking those pellets all over the place. It would blow left, then right,
then in your face. The wind indicator was spinning around in circles. This was going
to be fun to compensate for.

We shot a 62 shot match. One lane was a kneeling lane with 3 targets and we also had
one standing lane with 3 targets at 2 shots per target. My favorite lanes. Not!!!
All in all it was nice casual match. Good conversation and a little teasing. amongst
the shooters. A little different from the major events where there is a slightly
more serious atmosphere.

Doug ranked 1rst in the PCP unlimited with a score of 53. Good shooting Doug! I see
you were in the groove today. Ken ranked 2nd with a score of 43. Ken got all 6 of
his standing shots! Good job!

In the dominating Hunter Division, Scott came in 1rst with a score of 47. Scott is
still the untouchable Hunter division master. David was nipping right at Scott's
heels with a 44 for 2nd place. David got 5 out of 6 on his standing shots. Nice aim!
I shot a 38 for 4th place. I really need to practice my standing and kneeling shots
better. Newcomer to field target, Ron shot an impressive 30 on his first time out
for 5th place. Way to go! I understand that alot of newcomers don't break 10 on
their first time out.

I really had a good time shooting with the fellas. If anyone is interested, come and
join us at our next match. Schedule and directions are posted at our
website: Hope to see ya there!