Airgunning Atlanta

Sunday, August 17th, 2008
by Kevin Allen

Crazy good weather isn't something you imagine for mid-August in Georgia. This is usually our 100+ degree swelter time with no wind at all to give you any relief. We must be living right or something 'cause it's certainly not been like that lately. We had just enough of a breeze to give the guys shooting International Class some challenges, but it was enough to knock the heat right out of the day for the rest that decided to stick with high power. It's amazing what a little shade and cool breeze can do to perk up an already great match.

Airgunning Atlanta is growing and I have to say it's a wonderful thing to see the new faces we keep adding to the ranks. Seems like every month there is a new addition or two to the crew. And I love the fact that they are flourishing so well in Hunter Division too, giving us a needed boost in that Division. The competition is fierce but friendly. And just between you and me, frankly it leaves all those dead ringer great shots in another Division where they can't beat up on us old guys any more. LOL

We had an good split this match with three guys shooting Hunter Division and the other five shooting PCP Division. We had only one International Class shooter this match and we were all pretty much using this match as a prep for the Nationals next Month. Everyone was knocking out the kinks while evaluating the things that can be fixed before the Nationals and the things that can not. Hopefully the former list is a short one for us all.

The course today covered 11 lanes for a total of 62 shots including six kneeling shots and six standing shots (one lane each). Our home range is great due to how close all the lanes are together. We even a couple that cross each other! That makes sure the socialization is keep high as well as the smack talk. It's amazing how loud the sound of a pellet hitting a face place is when you don't want anyone else to hear it. LOL

PCP Division winner was me, Kevin Allen, posting up what I hope to be a good lead in for the Nationals with a 59 out of 62. So much pistol shooting has me pulling through that light trigger on my bag o' pipes or I might have done a couple better. Hunter Division top honors went to Scott Thome with a 49 out of 62. Once Scott has his Discipline shots sorted out he's going to be challenging the top score for the match, regardless of Division! Among the cast of regulars were JB making a return visit and Mike Robins coming back for his second match with us sporting a nice new Crosman Discovery and a change from prone to shooting sticks and seat. Really great to have you back fellas!

We will have our next match on Sunday, September 21st starting with sigh-in at 9AM and a shooter's meeting at 10AM. Plan on staying around for some lunch afterward as we usually have a gang that heads out to grab some grub and continue the fellowship.

PCP Division

Shooter   Score  Airgun                 Scope                    Pellet

Kevin Allen   59    Bag o' Pipes	   Leupold Competition 35x  JSB Exact II 10.2

Ken Hughes    56    Air Arms RN10	   Nightforce FT 36x	    JSB Exact II 10.2

Doug Vinson   55    Air Arms ProTarget Ti  Leupold Competition 35x  Premier 10.5

Jon Oswald    52    Daystate CR-X	   Leapers 8-32x	    Premier 10.5

Greg Garner   48    Air Arms EV2	   Leupold Competition 35x  JSB Express 7.9

Hunter Division Shooter Score Airgun Scope Pellet Scott Thome 49 Air Arms EV2 MTC 6-24x JSB Exact 10.2 Mike Robins 36 Crosman Discovery CenterPoint 4-16x Premier 7.9 JB 25 Air Arms Pro Sport ?? ??