Airgunners of Arizona

March 15, 2008 Field Target Match Report – Cherry, AZ

We had 13 shooters this month for our match in the pines in the Tonto National Forest near Cherry, AZ. It started out a little bit cool (mid 40’s), but bright and sunny at this 5000 foot elevation, but boy did it get windy! There was a weather front coming through Arizona, and winds were predicted to be moderate with gusts up to 37 mph. It was every bit that and then some at times, but that only made it interesting. LD would have loved it!

Bobby and Sandy Corcorran drove their camper and set up shop on Friday afternoon, along with their 2 dogs, and set up a very interesting course using a lot of, shall we say, existing obstacles. This penguin, shot at about 18 yards, was through a tangle of branches from a fallen pine;

Most of the targets were at mid to far range, with the closer targets either partially obstructed, or in the shadows, making rangefinding a bit tricky. These next 2 were out in the open and subject to the winds. “Tweety-bird” only has a 3/8” kill zone and is a #$%&* to hit!

Equally hated is this squirrel, also with a 3/8” kill zone.

Did I mention that Bobby and Sandy set up an interesting course? It showed by the scores shot….with the exception of one notable. Steve Montgomery, who also shoots 1000 yard big bore rifle, smoked the entire assemblage with 34 out of 40! Considering the conditions, that is incredible shooting. Here are the scores:

Steve Montgomery 34 Match winner
Bobby Corcorran 23 +3 1st place – decided by shootoff
Larry Nelson 23 +1 2nd place – decided by shootoff
Guy Zamudio 22
Larry Piercy 22
Klayton Kidd 20
Jim Russell 20
Debbie Keiser 20
Dale Keiser 19
Sandy Corcorran 17
Mark Kauffman 15
Jeff Bates 12
Ric Grassmick 6

Collectively, we want to send best wishes for a speedy recovery to Robin Montgomery, Steve's wife, who is recovering at home from a recent surgery, and could not make the match. Get well soon!

Our next match is Saturday, April 19 in Camp Verde, AZ. See the website, for more information.

Respectfully submitted,
Mark Kauffman, secretary