Airgunners of Arizona FT match report

June 21, 2008 – Rocky Park, AZ

We were back up in the pines again to avoid the heat in the valley, and were rewarded with temps that were comfortable without being too warm, and no clouds, and NO WIND! Unbelievable! What we were greeted with were swarms of no-see-ums! These things are smaller than gnats and bite any exposed skin. I know, my forearms are now full of itchy welts, and they DO itch! Next month, a long sleeved shirt… everyone else was wearing.

We had a good time, nonetheless, and REALLY got the interest of a dozen off road bikers who happened through our little alcove of forest. They stopped to watch for a few minutes before moving on, after being totally impressed with our “BB guns”.

There were only 6 of us this month, with most of the “usual suspects” busy with honey-do’s, various maladies, or taking care of other responsibilities (like work). We had a new guy show up as we were finishing up. He saw the link to the website and made the trip with his gun, and was able to do some sight in. Welcome aboard, Mike!

A 6 lane course was set up with 3 targets per lane. Some targets were really short with tiny kill zones, while others were out there and hidden in the shadows. Nicely varied course layout.

Steve Montgomery was our match winner, but close behind, and almost overtaking him, was his wife, Robin, shooting hubby’s gun. She tied with Larry Piercy for 1st place, which was then decided by a shoot off.

Here are the results;

Ron Drye shooting with Larry Piercy scoring

Bobbi Jo setting up for a shot

Yours truly on the line

Here's Robin awaiting her turn

Steve Montgomery, our match winner, concentrating on his shot

Next month we will be back at the same place (I hope the no-see-ums will be gone), on the 3rd Saturday in July. As Steve told me, bring lots of toxic bug spray and a long sleeved shirt. Lord knows I will. Check the calendar link to the website for the revised directions. Seems I transposed numbers for the road turnoff. My fault; sorry.

Until then, keep dem pellets flyin’ downrange.

Respectfully submitted,
Mark Kauffman
Secretary, Airgunners of Arizona