It was a 56 shot match with 4 kneeling and 4 offhand shots.

Name Class Score Rifle Scope Pellet
Kevin Allen PCP 54  USFT #19 Leupold 35X  
Ken Hughes PCP 50  RN-10 Nightforce 36X JSB 10.1?
Doug Vinson PCP 47  ProTarget Leupold 35X CPH?
Jon Oswald PCP 46  USFT Nikko 10-50x56  
Greg Garner
International Class
International 45  EV2 Leupold 35X JSB 7.9
Tim Rodabough PCP 39  Daystate MK3 FT Burris 8-32  
David Kirby Hunter 39  TX200    
Scott Thome International 37  EV2 Bushnell 8-32x40 JSB 8.4

The weather was a high of about 40 and wind-chill of around 30-32. Winds variable and gusting to 25mph. Various bouts of smack talk occurred throughout the day. I had a chance to beat Jon at the end but on my last lane I dropped 3/4 on the standing lane. Very frustrating indeed, especially when I usually get 75% on the disciplines. Only 3/8 on disciplines just didn't cut it this time and cost me. Otherwise, I am REALLY happy with the EV2, even in the wind. I only missed 6 seated shots and at least 4 of those were definitely misreading the wind. A couple where I didn't give enough wind but most were because I over-estimated the wind and held too far out of the kill zone. This was the first time I shot the EV2 in a match where there was any appreciable wind.

I layered up pretty well and didn't feel too cold. It was a fun time and a good lunch afterwards.

Greg Garner