England announces 2019 Worlds details

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England announces 2019 Worlds details

Postby Greg5850 » Wed Mar 21, 2018 12:49 pm

WFTF shooters, here is the latest (3/20/18) information from England on the 2019 Worlds.

Booking in and allocation of places
To meet the unprecedented demand already set by international shooters for Poland 2018 and meet the high level of interest from EFTA shooters the EFTA WFTC Committee have set the maximum number of competitors for WFTC 2019 at 450. The 450 will be split into 2 sessions, each of 225 shooters consisting of 3 shooters per lane.
Instead of booking in being on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, there will be a series of rounds to enable fair allocation of places to all RGB’s when booking places. The booking in process will not be open to individuals to book directly, only the RGBs will have access to it, and so they will be responsible for booking in all shooters, both those in the teams and any individuals.
The first round of booking in will divide the 450 places across the WFTF RGBs who wish to attend equally, except for the EFTA who will receive a double quota, as host nation.
Half the places reserved by an RGB will be for one session, half for the other. The RGB will choose which shooters are in which session. This split will not have to apply to RGBs which send 3 or less shooters. Sessions will be explained in more detail in a further announcement.
To finalise the reservation it must be paid for within 2 months of booking in opening.
Booking in is expected to open September 1st, 2018. This would make the first deadline for payments the 31st October 2018.
There will be no refunds for places paid by the RGB should one or more of their shooters drop out at a later date. In the event that a shooter drops out, the responsibility of finding a replacement shooter will reside with the RGB. A credit may be issued for future payments for additional items such as the opening ceremony for example.
If an RGB does not pay for all of the places it has been offered to it by the deadline then it will not be offered further places in subsequent rounds. Excess and remaining places will then go into the next round to be distributed evenly with the EFTA receiving a double quota. Only the RGB’s who have used all the first rounds places will be included in the second round. This process will be repeated until all places are taken. When no more places are wanted by the other RGB’s the EFTA will be offered any remaining places.
The payment deadline for Round 2 and subsequent rounds will be reduced to one month from when the places are issued.

Working example of the Booking in system
Round 1
There are 450 places available and 30 RGBs express an interest in sending shooters to WFTC 2019.
30 RGBs +1 extra allocation for EFTA is 31.
450 ÷ 31 = 14 places
The EFTA is offered 28 places and the remaining RGBs are offered 14
It is explained that it is the responsibility of the RGB to divide their own shooters equally between the
2 sessions.
Each RGB will now be required to select how many of those places they would like to book on the
website.At checkout the system will calculate what the session split will be for the number of places
allocated to the RGB.
For example, if all 14 places are taken the session split will be 7 in one session, 7 in the other. an RGB
books no more than 3 places, then it will be possible for all of those shooters to stay together in the
same session.
The RGB’s then have 2 months to pay for the booked places in order to secure them prior to round 2
of booking in.

Round 2
Round 1 has been completed and 320 places have been paid for but only 19 of the 30 RGBs used all
their allocation of places. Those 19 RGBs go into Round 2.
320 places taken from the 450 means 130 places remaining.
19 RGBs +1 extra allocation for EFTA is 20.
130 ÷ by 20 = 6 places
The EFTA is offered 12 places and the remaining RGBs are offered 6
On checkout the system will calculate what the session split will be for the number of places allocated
to the RGB and split them equally between each session.
The session split will be displayed before checkout so each RGB will see the split before committing to

Round 3
From the 130 places offered in Round 2 only 45 have been taken and only 4 (one of which is the
EFTA) of the 19 countries took their full allocation of places.
There are now 85 places remaining.
There are 4 countries but again, the host nation (EFTA) has a double quota.
4 RGBs +1 extra allocation for EFTA is 5.
85 ÷ 5 = 17 places
The EFTA is offered 34 places and the remaining RGBs are offered 17
The process will be repeated until no RGB requires extra places.
End of document
England 2019 WFTF World Championships

We will need to discuss how we will divide our shooters between the two sessions. PCP/Spring seems logical, then perhaps according to our own rankings.

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