Question on eqipment for kneeling lane

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Question on eqipment for kneeling lane

Postby FireMarshal » Sun Mar 05, 2017 6:00 am

Don't think this has been brought up and I am curious what might be legal or not. Can you use a pad on the heel of your foot? Some of us older competitors have a problem with getting down on the heel of their foot, including me. This makes it extremely hard to be very stable. I have a hip replacement and, in addition cannot get my rear end all the way down on the heel of the foot. The problem is the ligaments and whatever else is in and around the knee will not let it flex enough to rest on the heel of the foot. I know that I can shoot standing instead, but that is not very practical at a target 40 yds away. For me anyway. If this is not allowed, it won't make too much difference, since I am not much of a threat to take the gold metal very often. I don't believe the rules address this question, but could be wrong. I do currently use a legal kneeling pad or bum bag below the ankle.

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